Thursday, April 21, 2011


At the end of a full day of work in the field of technology today, Stephen has brought us to the Computer History Museum to view one another final for the day. Were held beer, food and Babbage difference engine as collateral for good behavior with the advent of another day, Xangati.
Only Xangati us off on the right foot by providing Go to a container of bacon cooked completely and some chocolate covered beans Expresso. Seriously. Crews and social media gets an A + for catching some of the tweets sent earlier in the day of the meeting Symantec. I personally take responsibility for the idea of ??bacon, but I’m not sure why the idea of ??chocolate covered Expresso beans. In both cases, it could be the beginning of an arms race with bacon technical presentations on the future of the field, which I’m not sure is healthy for the delegates. But as far as the sponsors of the draft resolution, and I think $ 10 for to-go order of bacon is dirt compared to cheap to face extortion many trade fairs home, so it is likely that the account is justified in view of the exposure of these companies get from the technology field today.
Xangati preview: with bacon and a delegate to satisfy hunger, Xangati begin their presentation. They identified themselves as “performance management company” that provides clarity in the entire infrastructure: network servers, and end-user devices. But more importantly, it provides a link across the silos of statistics in real time, and presented in the dashboard meaningful for supervisors virtualization and provide a record such as DVR and a tool to explore the back. This virtual to see anything, rendered in real time is essential to how to differentiate themselves in the market.
Industry problem: a description of the main couple have problems in the industry today. One is to blame game default: “In the past, the first of the blame.” This means that since the defaults are still fairly new, it gets often blamed for the problems. The claim that 50% of the day is spent working with other depts to explain why virtualizaiton is not the problem. I agree with this view, and it is still a problem today, but it became less and less of an issue as people realize the default is inevitable and resistance is futile. In the industry “big gap” is to monitor the performance of traditional tools give you one statistic at a time with no ability to sense anomalies over time, and alert in real time. There are great products the products planning capacity planning that can work through the consideration of the development of statistics over time and hence can provide reports which are scheduled to provide information on the big picture. But there is a shortage in products that can be done to performance analysis in real time and provide a link to the real statistics relevant. The performance of most tools in the virtual space is the only collection of statistics ware.

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