Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kate Gosselin

News Kate Gosselin involvement spread on the Internet as it is surprised a large number of Web surfers on this news. Certainly, there is no lie in the news that has been engaged but Kate is not Kate Gosselin.
Having participated in the main fact Kate Michael Lohan. Asked Michael Kate key if it wants to marry him. Michael Lohan is the father of Lindsay Lohan and Kate is the main girl friend John Gosselin.
Now that people are very confused about this complex proposal. In fact there are "two" in the life of John Keats Gosselin: Kate and Kate Gosselin was the last and the former also his girl Kate (Kate the Great).
If confusion still exists and the bottom line: "Kate Gosselin, who is not working, but Kate's great working for Michael Lohan, and not to John Gosselin. Even the Internet has evolved as a more powerful and exciting feelings of yellow journalism.
Michael, who is leading her fiance Kate is 49 years old and the father of Lindsay Lohan famous actress. He publicly blamed his daughter and said he could not let her live with him, because they have some psychological problems, and you need to go to Rehab.
As far as is his inclination towards the Great Kate, Michael Lohan said that they had been living together for five years. He said that friendship is more vital to move the relationship forward, and it is his good friend.

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