Saturday, April 16, 2011

Perfect Woman Body

Perfect Woman Body
Your dreams and a near perfect body enviable ‘on the verge of becoming a reality, for boffins claim that they have come up with a formula for attractive women. To reach the conclusion, the investigation of hundreds of scientists from the theories about what men find attractive.
The results showed Brit supermodel Kate Moss is the one with the best iPod.
The study found that most guys like girls with big tits and blond hair.
However, in his new book ‘the gentleman really prefer blondes? And detection science journalist Jena Pincott American series of scientific factors that are crucial in the mating game. The first is the waist-to-height ratio.
Smaller waist and hips curvier, more attractive woman seems at first glance, according to the expert.
In addition, the face is perfectly symmetrical – and a near-perfect female is ready.
Not all beautiful faces are symmetrical, not all the faces pretty consistent. But symmetry often plays a role in attraction, “and the Daily Star quoted Jena, as saying.
The study found, however, it is still in the breast and blonde hair that catch the eye most men.
Gina explained: “Ads are the chests of the age, health and good genes, and this is why anthropologists think they’re crucial to sexual selection even in cultures that do not eroticise chest any more than the face.

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