Saturday, June 16, 2012

Euforia Body Painting Euro 2012

MICAELA SCHAEFER Supports Germany for Euro 2012

Micaela Schaefer supports her home country Germany for Euro 2012 football championship like a true patriot. Here are some photos of the babe posing in front of Germany's Brandenburg Gate in a skimpy outfit with a bit of body paint to cover the naughty bits.

Euro 2012 in Beauty Body Painting Pictures

To campaign for Euro 2012 Euro 3 to 2 beautiful host country and has the image of the body Italita painting.Thong Ukraine says it has a host country by organizations for the beautiful people in Kyiv the site. com.Va images here are for the three winners of the contest.

Display the same image of 3 winners:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun of Tattoo Art

Among the tattoo enthusiast's community, coming up with new and exciting tattoo art is one of the favorite activities for tattoo artist. The best tattoo artist, are the ones who can come up with new and creative tattoos.

Airbrush Art Vehicle

Airbrush Art Vehicle

Airbrush Art Vehicle

An artists usually has a working relationship with an established auto body shop that will perform the required coatings. Generally the art project will not be guaranteed if you do not follow through and allow the artist to have the finishing coats performed. He does not want to risk his time and your money airbrushing on a questionable repair and/or paint job.