Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jon Gosselin

It was fifteen minutes of fame is not quite enough forums, John and Kate Star Plus 8, Jon Gosselin, who was actively seeking another job in television. The father of eight tells Z that he would like to get a job in television, and should preferably be free of charge, to help him on his salary monthly child support fees of $ 22,000. Keep reading for more details about searching for the work of John and change his heart for custody of his kids ...
John Gosselin hopes to follow in the footsteps of his ex-wife (and former John and Kate Plus 8 co-star -), Kate Gosselin, to search for work in television. Since the couple ended in divorce from reality [that long running the show, Kate has gone on to land gigs at Championship shows her [that ownÂ, a Kate Plus 8, as well as ABC's Asa Dancing with the stars and the new reality show coming (also with [those]) and the evolution of Kate. Her ex-husband on the other hand has not received any offers, but he hopes to change that.
"I would like a job in some aspects of television, perhaps as a host," said John Z. Theatre former John and Kate Plus 8 says Star wish to search for a new job has to do with his expensive required child support payments. "I can not afford $ 22,000 a month at this time. This is why I try to find a job."
Lawyer John former Anthony List spoke recently Z on strengthening Kate Gosselin self saying it was "the promotion is always something ... and most of the time it herself. Dancing with the Stars is just the tip of the iceberg for Kate, and certainly there will be many other projects to take place soon ., "his statement, John, who went out to the angry Twitter to respond, saying he" has no legal right to speak to the press or anyone on my behalf. Kate, and her lawyer, and I proceed to work on special things amicably. "
John also insists that the list of those who had pressed him to file for primary custody of the children in his eight first place. "I never wanted the initial detention, he [the list] has been submitted for that. I just wanted to booking a table is more flexible so that they can be with my children," says John.

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