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A performer who has built his career musically through education of a wide range of styles retro and contemporary, and Beck (born your David Campbell) came from a family of musicians and visual artists: his father, David Campbell as a performance session, senior / organizer, and his mother Bibbe Hansen, being a musician ex who acted in many of the films of Andy Warhol, to his mother and his grandfather Al Hansen, being one of the founding artists of the movement Fluxus (the field of creative Beck’s brother Channing will choose later). After his parents divorced in the late 70s, Beck has been with his mother in Los Angeles. Through the ninth grade and dropped out of school and began working the street busker, as well as travel to Germany to spend some time with the company seriously. Towards the end of adolescence, and moved with his girlfriend to New York City, and became active in the emerging movement “anti-popular”, and perform in clubs and small cafes for a year or so before returning, and poor, to Los Angeles in 1991.
Again in Los Angeles, Beck continued to pursue his music while supporting himself with a group of low-paying jobs. It was during this period of ongoing activity – done in any kind of place that he could allude to himself – that the young singer came to the attention of the founders of Bong download the documents Rob Schnapf and Tom Rothrock. For the first time Beck 12 “was released later in the loser of the label in 1993, fomenting great indie radio / College scene and gain the Creator and national following. Craze feed companies followed, with the documents Geffen in the possession of the top of the lead in its conclusion, and was in This time, it seems, that Beck stopped using the name of his father’s participation Campbell in favor of the name of his mother, Hansen before marriage, and full-length album mature gold, which was released in 1994, more than followed through on the promise of losing, winning every critical acclaim and impressive numbers Sales and contract terms Beck with Geffen states that can still work with the labels, independent, owner of the next releases –. Stereopathetic Spirit compost and one foot in the grave, both released in 1994 and collect both appeared on the second side labels and K, respectively – registered by the mellow gold.
Label major follow-up Odelay Beck (recorded in collaboration with the Dust Brothers, which is responsible for the production of bilateral Albums popular tone of Locke and the Beastie Boys) and appeared two years later, and found the enthusiasm generated by the gold mature undiminished. Record checks quickly multi-platinum sales and earned the singer radio hit his second (and his video aired severe) with this type, as it strives. After contributing to the static song soundtrack for the film Danny Boyle’s life less normal near the end of ’97, was in a hurry to pick recorded, the band implementation of the mutations collection in 1998. Resulted in a bit of a legal dispute in the original for the release of his mark during the original load-pong, opportunist thugs after Geffen in the decision to release the album themselves. Eventually settled the dispute out of court, and the album was described as a joint statement between the two companies. The spirit of cooperation is also in that year in the form of a joint exhibition of visual works created by Beck and his grandfather Al Hansen, and includes a range of collaborative and solo pieces from both artists.

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