Saturday, March 19, 2011

Minnesota Twins

For those of you who are new to the cache, each year we spend in March typing "cache: spring training," We cover 30 teams in 30 days, fans of the Pirates or Astros to get on one sector a year before we begin to call Alex Rodriguez gay and Manny Ramirez stupid for a period of seven months . With the end of March 15 set for FanHouse, began in the spring of 2011 training in mid-February, thinking it would give me time to get to everyone before you outsource. From scratch, I decided sports news they wanted to be an incomprehensible and heinous FanHouse on the spot, and became March 15 March 1.
Now that the cache back in full swing in the skin, we can choose the backup where we left off. Day of spring training about the twins, and that has nothing to do with Jim Thome being a member of the team and people who want me to like this right away, and I swear to God.
So read, enjoy, and give comment. I love the fan community to cache more than I love the game of baseball itself (which is not much, apparently), so make your voices heard. I got to the dugout, after the end of the first half.

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