Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harry Potter Movies

Remember that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" footage we told you about earlier this week? Well, it's here!
ABC Family debuted new footage from the second half of "Deathly Hallows" last night as part of their weekend-long "Harry Potter" marathon, and boy-who-lived did it deliver! On first glance, it looks like the footage just shows a lot of the same scenes we saw in the first full-length trailer, but once we dug a little deeper, there was a whole lot worth getting excited about.
Dobby's grave? Check. Major death scene? Check. A Snape flashback? Check. Click on after the jump to watch the footage and read our spoiler-filled analysis!

Lots More Gringotts:

In addition to the footage we saw of Gringotts in the above-mentioned trailer, there are some other really nice shots of the wizarding bank that we haven't seen since they were teased in "Sorcerer's Stone." And if you're excited about that dragon, there are a couple new shots of him in there as well.

Snape Outside The Potter's Home:

You wanted a Snape flashback, you got one. In addition to plenty of shots of the always sexy Alan Rickman, we also get a nice look at him standing in front of the Potter's home. For any of you out there who have read the book, you know how significant this is.

Harry Standing At Dobby's Headstone:

Here's a good way to guess where "Part 2" will pick up. We saw Harry, Ron and Hermione burying Dobby at the end of "Part 1," and in the new footage we see Harry standing over the headstone they made for the poor house elf near Shell Cottage. If you didn't shed a tear before, you will now.

Spoiler Alert: A Major Death Is Revealed:

Okay, guys and gals, this is a major spoiler, so you've been warned. It's brief, but it's there: Molly and Arthur Weasley leaning over a dead Fred Weasley. Why Warner Bros. was so kind but cruel to release this in the first teaser, we'll never know, but maybe it's as a nice gesture for all of us waiting for so long.

Harry's Death And Rebirth:

I am going out on a limb here, but that scene at the end of the teaser when Ginny yells "No!" in the Hogwarts courtyard with Neville and what looks like one of the Creevey brothers behind her sure looks like what happens when Voldemort announces that Harry has been killed. And that slow zoom out of Harry's right eye early on in the teaser? Looks like he just got back from a quick trip to King's Cross from where I'm sitting.

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