Sunday, March 20, 2011

Camping World

It shows a narrow one-day trucks Camping World Championships in Darlington, SC. The playoffs on the speed of 3:30 for about one hour. Krista Voda and then hosts the pre-race show at 16:30 and the race truck at 17:00.
Rick Allen will call the action along with Phil Parsons. Michael Waltrip off this week, and that Larry McReynolds call the race. I was told this is not a test, just a guest appearance. Will Hermie Sadler and Ray Dunlap reports dealing with the hole.
With each passing week, a series of truck look more and more like a series of feeding the Sprint Cup. While at the national level have become clogged with a series of drivers on the agendas of different, and trucks are still the place where drivers can stand against good competition.
Darlington in broad daylight is a reminder of old-fashioned race, even though the start / finish line and was overturned years ago to what was formerly the backstretch. This type of track makes TV pictures are great, especially from low angles, when allowed for trucks on the basis of race and then through the "speed shooting."
Speed ​​produce their own races in the series, and the style that is very different from Fox, ESPN or TNT. Over the years, fans have come to simply expect that this team will describe the procedure Television coverage of the race, and to allow the teams to take centerstage. This is almost the opposite Fox and ESPN, and two networks that broadcast on the TV flourish personality-driven.
Although hooks TNT last summer, Parsons is still sound louder than the series, provides a viewpoint can not be overcome. The attack simply Darrell Waltrip, Alan in Daytona, but the excitement can be pumped to broadcast live and this is his role. It should be interesting to see how they adapt to the McReynolds series.
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