Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Is Love (Relationship)

"The Relations is the center of our lives because the emotions are very important in our lives.Try to think about how much to have in your life and what these relationships to give you. Now may be you think they do not play an important role some really, but after reading this article you may have a different perspective on relationships". "Try to think now if you have no father in your life. What will happen? You might think that's Your, who will bring us, but for a moment imagine you have enough money that you can separate from what your father would not have given the absence of the father.  

Who will tell you that you're wrong? Who will tell you that you fail at something? And those who say well done my son in an attempt to improve it in time for success? These things are as important in our lives. I am talking about the father of now only if we generalize so we do not have any relationship. I think now that there is someone in you appreciate your success. Will enable this success brings no happiness in your life. If you fail you will not be the one to tell you, you are our hero. The next time you can overcome each one". So, we do not have any reason to be happy in our success if there is no one to appreciate us. If there is one to support us at a time when we fail and how you can defeat your failure? We all need relationships, we often used to say that (relationships are fake and only) May feel the fear of loss of or that we not be able to strengthen the relationship? We will not be material resources.


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