Wednesday, June 29, 2011

london ontario

london Ontario
'Cracker' is a form of poison gas extraction can be the local water supply, which can become radioactive or flammable yet to be cracker to break the gas from oil shale in the region. There are many threats:
Even with strict regulatory control, it must be toxic liquids cracker that will be issued on shale gas wells - either through a leak above the ground, or as it is injected these chemicals into wells, or after crushing some of the wastes have been removed from the wells of the products to be taken in other places. We also can not ensure that the methane will not be released radium in the surrounding waters during the crushing. It is imperative that the methane, a greenhouse gas, and leakage from these wells, and cracking the stone always requires a large amount of fresh water, which must be taken from somewhere. There will also be a risk of explosions or earthquakes, we can expect from the pollution of the air around the drilling sites - along with the increase in truck traffic and manufacturing, as well as deforestation.
How destructive and in spite of the excessive extraction of shale gas that would be, and companies are already gearing up to bring breaking in our region. Have been buying tens of thousands of acres of land by the Calgary company looking to start cracking on Lambton and Chatham Kent. Whether or not there is cracking is closer to London, and water supply in the city is still threatened by plans to extract oil shale along the Lake Erie and Lake Huron.
What can we do?

The local residents began calling for a ban on the cracker.
If you can join or support our efforts, and e-mail us at stopfrackingontario at gmail dot com
We have created an online petition called "Do not frack in London, Ontario". and we started a petition as well as printing.
And concern of the cracker, which will be in many ways, you will need much more help to stop cracking in London, Ontario. And oil and gas companies have a lot of money to throw around, but we can not mobilize our people power.
Please encourage municipal officials to ban breakers in London. Their contact information is available in the upper right corner of the web site:
Since the imposition of a ban on London will not protect either in the city of Great Lakes water supplies, farms, or around our region, we should ask for a ban on the province-wide on the shale gas cracker.
There are many costs are not so hidden that come with the breakers, there is a government level should not be paid to the control and regulation of these processes the gas.
There are better options than that. We can create green jobs we created a clean and sustainable alternatives. Can be isolated to help us to keep the buildings warm, while the manure can replace artificial fertilizers, we can turn to alternative energies. Those are just examples.

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